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Fanfic: Obsessive

Title: Obsessive

Pairing: Heechul/Shindong (not romantic)

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Fail crack

Warning: Brief language

Disclaimer: Not real. Not real. Not real. Not real. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Summary: Heechul gets back at Shindong for perceived wrongs.

Author’s Note: Prompt 090 Clean Heechul/Shindong 22/100 This is also a couple of weeks old.



                Shindong could be obsessively clean. Whether it was about his body, his room or even just his surroundings everything had to be perfect. Every morning he spent fifteen minutes making his bed never allowing there to be a winkle when he was done. His shoes were always spaced out two inches apart, shoe laces tucked into the shoes. His clothes were hung in the closet by type of clothing and color, always one and a half inches spaced.

                The members liked to tease him about how he seemed to freak out if even his bag was in disarray. As weird as he was about it, no one really thought past the teasing, they all had their quirks. Donghae was obsessed with sniffing Eunhyuk’s feet until he passed out. Kyuhyun would carry on full conversations with his computer. Yesung would spend hours in front of the television set trying to turn if on and off with his mind. So being a clean freak didn’t stick out.

                Unless you were looking for a way to get back at someone, like Kim Heechul was. He was incredibly upset with the dancer. First he had not complimented him on his outfit, then on the show they appeared on Shindong had made fun of his beauty habits. Over lunch he told Hankyung he really shouldn’t obey Heechul as much as he did. A clumsy Shindong spilled chocolate on Heechuls’ favorite sweater. And the worst offense…Shindong made fun of his hair. He must be punished.

                Most would say he was over reacting but he had a reputation of being a scary hyung. Why should he ruin such a thing? Besides, his hair was perfect, had Shindong looked at his lately? And a good hyung should always help their dongsaengs compulsions shouldn’t they? When everyone was distracted doing various things throughout the dorm and he knew Shindong wouldn’t be back for a bit he made himself comfortable in his dongsaengs room.

                A frame on the hall was tilted just slightly. Bottles on the dresser were knocked over. Shoes were mixed up and rearranged. Green shirts were put with pink shirts. Button down shirts were mixed in with jeans. Of course they were also forced three inches away from each other. Satisfied with that he jumped onto the bed, rolling around making sure the red blankets were rumpled. For the last offense he stood and unzipped his pants with a smirk.

                Three hours later a very tired Shindong made his way in his room only to burst out again. Angry and red faced he confronted what members he could find. He’d kill all of them if he had to.

                “Who the fuck masturbated on my bed?”